RingoStyle - Hair Styling Ring


ProCombs’ Hair Sectioning Ring is designed to make your hair sectioning, weaving, and styling more efficient, accurate, and creative!

No more having to pick up the comb 10 times for a single section; this ring will stay on your finger, ready to go when you need it - without interrupting the flow.

You’ll also find that it lets you select sections more accurately, acting as a natural extension to your finger.

This ring also lets you:

  • Do creative work like you never could before, like crafting small zigzag sections or more!
  • Speed up anything from coloring, sectioning, weaving, braided hairstyling, straightening, and more!
  • Wear it comfortably, comes with two adjustable bands for better grip!
  • Show off a cool fashion accessory - not only is it practical, it’s also a unique design no one else has!

It’s also the perfect compliment to our Highlight Weaving Combs for any hairdresser, stylist, or anyone doing hair braiding or styling at home. 

Comes in 3 styles to match your taste:

  1. Bronze - Full brass casting
  2. Silver - Brass ring w/ high quality* silver plating
  3. Rose gold - Brass ring w/ high quality* rose gold plating

 *Using high-quality ion plating for more uniform plating for a longer lifespan

Two Sizes:

Both have the same length of ‘scissors’, with different ring sizes. 

  • Ring Top Length (both sizes) - 2inch (51mm)
  • Small (fits most women with small fingers) - 0.6inch (15mm) in length between rings.
  • Large (fits most people) - 0.7inch (18mm) in length between rings.


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