Hair-Straightening Keratin Treatment - INTRODUCTORY SALE!


The Next Generation Hair-Straightening Keratin Treatment for Silky, Moisture-Rich Smooth Hair!

After years of research and development, we’ve reached the perfect formula for hair straightening that works magic even on the toughest curly hair. This product is perfect for dry or damaged hair. It straightens, repairs and conditions the hair at the same time making it smooth, flowy, shiny and velvety. Keratin serves as a protein that's naturally good for the hair, so whether your customers have curly or thick hair, they won't have to worry about getting tempted to chop it all off because now, you can make it smoother and more manageable with this Hair-Straightening Keratin Treatment.

Make your customer's hair looking healthy and look like they just got out of the salon every day! 

  • Achieve PERFECT SMOOTH HAIR even for the toughest curly hair
  • The longest-lasting results in the market - 8 months and beyond
  • FORMALDEHYDE FREE, no strong odors, no need to use a mask
  • Nourishes the hair leaving it silky, moisture-rich and shiny
  • One bottle yields between 6 and 8 treatments!

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Use Instructions for the perfect straight hair:

  1. Wash the hair through thoroughly, twice
  2. Dry it well with a hairdryer.
  3. Apply the cream thoroughly half a centimeter from the scalp through all hair lengths and thoroughly comb the hair
  4. Wait 60 minutes
  5. Wash out the hair lightly for 5 seconds in the sink and thoroughly squeeze out the excess cream.
  6. Dry hair well with a towel, comb out and dry the hair with a hairdryer until it is completely dry.
  7. Open half centimeter hair paths and work with a hair straightener 10-12 times along each path at a temperature of 230°C until you get through all the hair.
  8. Wait 15 minutes until the hair cools, shampoo the hair thoroughly and put on a hair mask.
  9. Dry the hair well and you will see the final result

     500 ML / 17 FL OZ

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